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Kevin and Galen Ayers 1980

Kevin and Galen Ayers in Palma 1980

Kevin and Galen Ayers in Palma 1980

I was just looking around the web trying to find a really nice picture of Kevin and Galen Ayers together, there’s a few but I really liked this one that I found on this blog post called “stranger in blue suede shoes

The author says:

“I took this picture of Kevin Ayers and his young daughter Galen walking down a Palma, Mallorca avenue in August or early September 1980. I expect we were on our way to the wondrous fish market there and afterward probably to an equally wondrous Mallorquin lunch.

As you can see, it was a beautiful summer day and Kevin looks relaxed, happy and utterly in his element both as a Mallorca “local” and as a parent. Galen’s expression, half excited and anticipating and half fearful, reminds me of all the children I’ve known since becoming the father of a daughter myself.”

A great photo.

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  • Curtis Roberts August 27, 2013, 12:08 pm

    What a surprise to see this link to my ACravan blog post. It really is a nice picture and also a great memory. I can’t remember whether it was I or my wife Caroline who took it. Probably it was Caroline — she’s a much better photographer. Curtis Roberts

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