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Something In Between?

Kevin Ayers with Mike Oldfield at Sa Fonda, Deia, Mallorca

Kevin Ayers with Mike Oldfield at Sa Fonda, Deia, Mallorca (MallorcaObserved.com)

Since his official releases from 83-88 (“Diamond Jack”, “As Close as You Think”, “Falling Up”), were based on computerized/synthesised sounds, the production often seemed to be at odds with the warmth of Mr Ayers’ vocals and songwriting. In a 2007 radio interview he spoke of wishing to revisit those records – perhaps with a view to replacing the computerised clanking with real instruments?

However during his Spanish period of the early 1980s he actually did make a certain amount of music that featured real musicians (most crucially, real drums). One wonders if any record company has considered doing a Kevin Ayers CD covering this era?  If the material can be located, perhaps a label – or even an ad hoc group of his fans – might consider coming together to facilitate its release.

The “Deia Vu” album gives us some of this music; there must have been other material recorded around that period:

  • The “Animals”/ “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” single has never been reissued.
  • On the DVD of his Spanish Television appearance from 1981 you can hear him performing a vocal for “Howling man” over backing tracks featuring real drums. Perhaps this is the same version which appeared on a TV show soundtrack, per IMDB: “Memòries de la tele” (TV Series), episode #1.10 (2007) … (performer: “Howling Man”?
  • From time to time, live performances of unreleased songs or songs that were only released with midi instruments turn up online.  Which makes one wonder what audio recordings might still be extant…

Years after Tiny Tim died, a fan-compiled “Lost and Found” record of unissued material was issued.  Surely if a survey of the studio owners, engineers and musicians who worked with Kevin Ayers were undertaken, some of them must have held on to recordings of various sessions and gigs?  How cool it would be if a new/old Kevin Ayers release were to result!

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  • ebdon fload March 27, 2014, 2:25 am

    I did consider this a few years ago………..Big Bamboo was recorded….also England……….no doubt StarvinMarvin will have some stuff from Deia.


    • Rick March 27, 2014, 7:18 am

      Hi Ebdon, we are indeed in touch with Marvin Siau.

  • David March 27, 2014, 3:45 pm

    I don’t kwow if you are aware that Julián Ruiz, the producer of Diamond Jack, has conducted a radio program here in Spain for quite a long time. He also has an active blog where he has sometimes written about his memories from the days he worked with Kevin. You can find it here: http://www.plasticosydecibelios.com/
    I remember having emailed him once or twice long ago asking if there was something he could do to have the album reissued but I never got a response. Maybe you could try because it is posible that he has some material or can contribute somehow to the project.
    Thanks for the blog.

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