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Falling Up

KA Falling Up

Falling Up (1987) album cover

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  • Tim HOLT May 18, 2020, 7:00 am

    It came as a surprise when Virgin scheduled this album for release in 1988. Firstly Ayers’ stock had fallen a long way since his 1970’s peak, and secondly he hadn’t been with a mainstream major label since leaving Harvest in 1980. That Virgin would be the label to sign him,was another strange one given the personal history between Ayers’ and Richard Branson.

    Anyhow the record duly appeared, and unlike the ones that preceded it, had strong if very 80’s production values,a decent marketing budget and an accompanying tour.

    So what could go wrong? Well as with all of his post 1980 releases the songs were just not strong enough.Sure there is “Am I Really Marcel” one of his best songs of all time and worth getting the record just for that song . “Saturday Night”, “Another Rolling Stone” and “Flying Start” are also fine,but overall this is lacklustre stuff and the record was quickly deleted and not released on CD for about 20 years.

    This record could have been the start of another run of releases with a major label, but instead became a one off never to be repeated release and it would be another four years before we heard from Kevin on record with the much better “Still Life With Guitar”.

  • François July 12, 2023, 11:43 am

    This album finally gets a reissue on the Esoteric label on august 25, 2023.
    This amazing man will never be forgotten… A review of the album is featured
    in the last issue of Uncut Magazine.

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