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Some Deià advice from a regular visitor

Jon Nicholls a lover of Deià

Jon Nicholls a lover of Deià

This morning I mentioned to my friend Jon Nicholls, band leader and bass player of Mixed Feelings, that Sue and I were going to Deià for the Kevin Ayers funeral in August. I knew that Jon liked to go to Minorca, but I didn’t realise that he was so into Mallorca too.  Jon came back with a very useful and enthusiastic reply that I am sure he won’t mind me sharing here:

We go to Deià every year. It is a beautiful place and where Robert Graves (‘I Claudius’ and ‘Goodbye to all that’) is buried in the little Churchyard at the top of the hill. I guess that is where the funeral will be.  His house is now open as a museum in Deià and well worth a visit.

We always stay at the lovely ‘Es Moli’ Hotel… well worth a visit if only to use the fantastic swimming pool. Lots of musicians stay in Deià in August including Van Morrison, Bob Geldof, Roger Mc Gough, Roger Waters and of course Andrew Lloyd Webber has a house there and you will see him wandering about in the village.. he dines in ‘Sebastians’ – we ate there one night last year.. fantastic but very expensive. You must walk to the cove (beautiful scenery) along the ravine, but be careful you don’t fall in.. about 200 foot drop and so fence alongside the path.. the beach bar is great and you will always recognise someone in the music business there.

It’s cheapest for you to get there on the bus from Palma its an hour and you will need the bus to Soller. We usually get a cab but it costs 45 euros each way! If you want some fun, ride the train to Soller, then get a bus to Deià.. it’s a real bone shaker with open carriages.. a great experience through the most stunning of countryside and mountains..

There is live music most nights in Deià although there are only three bars. You will never forget the experience. I love the place… missing it already.

Speak soon
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