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Visiting Deià Mallorca

If you are intending on being in Deià on the 16th August 2013 here is some information I have found about getting from Palma airport to Deià. The information is a few years old but I think it will still be relevant this year too.

A bloke called Derek has put this very detailed page of how to get from the airport to Deià that you can find here.

Very basically it is just 2 buses:

Palma Arrivals, Bus 1 to Palma

Palma Arrivals, Bus 1 to Palma

Palma Airport Bus Line 1

  • The bus stop is just across the car park outside the main doors from the arrivals hall. You need to get off this bus at Plaça d’Espanya.
  • These buses are about every 15 minutes.
  • Route: Aeroport, Joan Maragall, Avinguda Gabriel Alomar, Avinguda Alexandre Rosselló, Plaça d’Espanya
  • This bus was 2€ in 2011

From Plaça d’Espanya you walk around the back of the building to the Intermodal Station (bus/train/underground) and go to (probably) bus stand 7 for your 2nd bus:

Bus on the Palma to Soller route in Deia

Bus on the Palma to Soller route in Deia

L210 Port de Sóller – Valldemossa – Palma

  • Apparently there are 2 buses that leave at the same time, the L210 and the L211 – L210 is the one you want, although I can’t see as the L211 wouldn’t work either – I don’t think the route is as pretty though!
  • You can download the timetable here. There are quite a few buses during the day.
  • The fare was 2.80€ in 2011

I think this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get to Deià

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